Sunday, April 1, 2012

Update on March

March is over and I never got around to posting anything. Most of the month we just stayed around the house. However, the first weekend was my guild's Quilt Show, my first with this guild. I had two jobs. The first was to schedule security for the evenings so the quilts would be safe in the city center building. The second was to make door prize/raffle baskets. They were a bit of work, but everyone seemed to like the baskets I made, especially the winners. A fun time was had by all.

One of the things we did at the show was to have quilts raffled with the proceeds going to breast cancer research. And I won this cutie! I have to admit that I only had it a week, then I gave it away. I know, I know, but a couple of my daughter's friends have a vintage clothing business and it is perfect for them. Even the ladies in my guild who made it were surprised I gave it away until I explained, then they thought it was a good idea.

On the 16th my family had a get together because my cousin, Ron, was in town. He moved to Iowa years ago and was back because his wife and daughter were running the marathon that weekend. Many of us haven't seen them for almost 30 years, so it was a really nice visit and of course we were able to meet two of their three kids. Here's a picture of his family at the beach. As you can see the girls survived 26.2 miles.

Bob, Lu, Tiffany & Ron

From there we decided to go to the lake house for a few days:

First of all, Ray sold Wiley Jeep. Yes, he's very sad, but it had to be done - we need to get one that is a bit more reliable. Wiley Jeep is named for it's previous owner, Wiley, who was the father of a friend of Ray's. After Wiley passed away his wife wanted to sell his Jeep and Ray bought it. He named it Wiley, even put that name on it and it's been with us for many years. Of course, now Ray is in search of it's replacement.

After Wiley Jeep's new owner left we went to lunch and had a great visit with Mike and Cathy, then back to the house before the rain started. During the night it snowed and when we woke the sun was out so we decided to go up Sierra Highway (upriver). It doesn't snow too much there, but when it does it's beautiful.

We went as far as NcNalley's.

Not a good time for this hike.

Isn't the bridge pretty covered in white?

 Here's another pic.
The view upriver.

The view down river.

I couldn't pass up this photo on the way back.
I love the snow on the rail fence

When we got back to the house the snow started again.
You can't even see the mountains across the way.

Ray put out seed that morning and even when it was snowing the birds were chowing down. They were singing the whole time too - so cute!

Later, the sun came out again. Gotta love Kern Valley!

There is one more sad thing that Ray is doing - he and Jerry are selling the plane. With the sale of Wiley Jeep and the Piper up for sale it's been the end of an era for Ray. He was a bit sad for a while, but looking for a replacement Jeep helps.

In the last few days I've been trying to get some quilts finished up. It looks like I will have at least six with binding to stitch down on our next trip. Photos to follow.

Well, March is over and Bluebird is getting ready to leave the nest for a while. Stay tuned if you want to know "Where's Bluebird?"

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