Sunday, April 29, 2012


Got to Arkansas on Friday and had fun checking out Marty & Penny's place. They have ten acres that they've been working on since they moved here 15 months ago. They also redid the whole kitchen and living room area. Of course, Penny would have a great kitchen and it is great. So pretty and new.

It's so peaceful and quiet here and you can hear birds at all hours of the day or night.

Their house

Their barn


The driveway to the road; cute with solar lights.

Ray went with Marty to the firestation and Penny took me to town to check out the quilt shops and a few other things like the David's Trail.

Nice trails here

This trail has an eagle's nest

The eagle was in a different tree.

We went to this place for dinner. See the little cardinal?

Here he is again.

The view at dinner of the White River.

Saw peacocks and deer and lots more stuff, but that's all for now. Today we're going out on the lake in a friend's boat so I'm sure I'll take more pictures.

Tomorrow we head to Tennessee. 


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  1. Beautiful all looks so peaceful! Nice!