Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reunion Week

Sometimes it's a pain to live where I do. When I left town last week I ended up sitting on the freeway - yes sitting, with the engine off - for over 30 minutes. Then crawled for another 30-40 minutes. It was because of a jack-knifed big rig and a spilled load of lemons that blocked all lanes. When I finally passed the spot they were scooping the lemons up and the big rig was gone.

We had a great time at the reunion. I love to see the family, even if it is only once a year. The resort we go to is so familiar now, after 20 years, that it is like home. And the people who run the place know us by name and are always happy to see us.

We had lunch with friends on the way home and then decided to go to the lake for a couple of days. However, it was so humid that it was pretty tough to take with just a swamp cooler. Soooo, we decided to pack it up and leave.

Then on the way home we got in a traffic jam that was caused by a big truck that blocked 3 lanes. We crawled along for over an hour.

Don't you just love living in the city?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Reunions

Well, I can't believe that my family planned their reunion the same weekend as Ray's family reunion.

His reunion has been the same weekend for at least 20 years now and that is where we are going. But it makes me sad that my family reunion was planned on a day that I can't go, but what can I do. They knew someone wouldn't be able to go and that someone is me.

As it is, Julie is not able to go to either reunion and she is doubly sad. But it is her sister-in-law's 30th birthday and she is Keith's sister so Amber's birthday wins out.

Marcy can't make the his reunion because of work, but because my family's reunion is closer to home she will be able to go to it.

It's been a long few years for his family reunion. Every year it seems that there is another family member that has passed away. This year it was Brenda. We are missing Davy, Tommy, Quanah, Maude and now Brenda. It's sad.

It looks like our family will be spread out this weekend. Too bad we can't be together.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lovin' the Retired Life

I must say that I love the retired life. I can find more things to do with all my time.

Sometimes we just sit and watch TV: It helps to have the new DVR that records stuff then you can watch it back and fast forward through all the commercials.

Sometimes we take a trip: We've been to Washington, Alaska, Florida and Costa Rica. Next is the Sacramento Delta, then Washington again, then in the fall Utah.

Sometimes I sew: See my latest project above. And I have been catching up on some of my unfinished quilts plus starting some new ones. Also I'm taking a quilting class for older adults. I know, I know, but it's free and fun.

Sometimes we take a Harley ride: We checked out the newly remodeled Griffith Observatory and a couple of local resturants. And are planning more trips. One thing I want to see is the Pilgrim, a tall ship at Dana Point, that is a kind of floating history lesson. Also, I have never been to the Gene Autry Museum. There are so many things around here that are not far from home that would be a good Harley ride.

Sometimes we say "tomorrow": With so much to do, and so much free time, it's hard to feel time pressures. Oh well.
Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I will try to keep up better.