Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting Things in Order

We've been home a while but there is so much to do; it's almost like moving. Everything from the kitchen, livingroom and bathroom was in the garage or bedrooms. Putting things back is a slow process because as I move things in I am also deciding if I should keep everything. We have a lot of years of stuff to deal with.

We are getting used to no carpet. I love the wood(look) flooring, but at some point we will probably get an area rug for the livingroom. The openness of the whole main area is great; it's like we have a new house. And the kitchen is wonderful too - I've been cooking all the time now and loving it. Also, having a seperate laundry room is so nice.

There's still so much so do plus I'm working on getting some sewing done too. I guess I won't get bored.

We have a few small trips planned, but mostly we will be home for a while in our almost 'new' home.