Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Dentons in Denton

While in Texas we had to check out the town of Denton. It was a bit larger than we expected; probably because of the colleges. We had a little trouble getting the RV settled because the first place we decided to go was actually a mobile home park. Ugh! But we finally got settled, then headed out for lunch. We looked up a place that had good burgers and 'fried pies'. We'd heard of 'fried pies' and thought - when in Texas... 
Well, once was enough with the fried pie idea. They're nothing different than the pies you get at MacDonalds or Burger King (or at least at the place we had them).

While in Denton we thought it would be fun to find some shirts that have Denton on them so we headed to Denton Square.

Here's the Denton County Court Building, or it used to be. Now I think it's a museum, but we were there on Sunday so it was closed. 

We already ate so we didn't eat here, but it looked fun.

The old Opera House is now a music and book store. They did have shirts, mugs, stickers and book marks. It was a fun place that I would go back to if I lived here.

This donut place was closed, but it looks fun.

This place has local music (not on a Sunday afternoon), but they did have shirts.

Mostly we found shirts at places that sold food or at pubs, and at Denton County Harley. We left Denton Texas with a few nice souvenirs.

We didn't get in Dallas or Fort Worth. Just not enough time for everything (which means we'll have to do another trip later). This part of Texas was nice; beats Hwy 10 anyday!

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