Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Painted Desert, Pertified Forest and Petroglyphs

Yesterday morning we left the KOA in Holbrook Arizona and headed east to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Park. Ray had me drive the rig which wasn't too bad, but then there was road construction and the one lane got very narrow. It felt like a slow motion slalom, but I survived. I hate those cement barriers. The plan is to have me drive more often than I have in the past. I'm very good at my role of navigator so when I drive I feel like a tour guide.

The Painted Desert was beautiful and the weather was wonderful. Just a few puffy clouds and not too cold except when the wind kicked up. Here's some of the sights.

Because we crossed where the old Route 66 used to be they had a little tribute to it. It was close to Interstate 40 and the only marker was the row of telephone poles that lined the route.

 These are the poles to the east.

Ray saw a photo op so I posed.

I think this car has been here since the beginning of Route 66. 

Ravens kept hanging around. I know some Native Americans think they are special. I thought that maybe I should look up the symbolic meaning of a raven. I also wondered if they were posing for me kinda like the Brown Pelicans did in Florida. Then I saw someone feeding one and realized they only hang around to get a handout. Silly me!

In the first part of the Petrified Forest there were ruins and petroglyphs. Here are a few. 

I think that's the stork bringing a baby. How old is that story?

Is that a cross?

Notice this guy's ears.
Kinda looks like someone we know doesn't he?

Finally made it to the petrified stuff. Not so much left. So many people were taking the rocks that they made it a national park to protect it.

We decided to drive all the way to Albuquerque to spend the night and stay two days. It would be like having a day off (from driving). Somehow we missed a time change so we ended up checking in to the KOA in the dark; not our favorite thing to do.

Today we had breakfast at the Waffle House; yes grits! Then to Old Town to check out the shops. After lunch at the Church St. Cafe we went to the Petroglyph State Park. Yeah, more petroglyphs, plus a hike.

 A Plane? A bird?

The guy with the ears again. This time with a hat? Or is that his hair?
Was he a leader? He kinda looks like our leader.

Bullseye with arrow?



Look what we found in the rocks.

Look how close the petroglyphs are to houses.

We had a great day even with the loss of an hour. A little exercise and a little sunshine; and I got a new watch!
Tomorrow we lose another hour.

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  1. Great pics.....holy cow, that snake is huge!

    We loved traveling through the southwest....it's so beautiful. It's one of our favorite vacation memories.