Sunday, December 6, 2009

Icy Strait Point

OK, I know I have been really bad about getting these posted. It is not as simple as I hoped it would be to download the photos and I have just been doing other things. Like helping out at the store for the holidays. Well, I won't be doing that next year!

Icy Strait Point is actually a community of the Hoonah Native Americans. It's the only port that is totally owned and operated by the local people. And they do not call us tourists, they call us guests. This area has shops and local info. It used to be a fish cannery and a lot of the original stuff is still there. The second picture is a close up of the building.
This was the only day it rained on us which was really kinda lucky. I know two be people who went on cruises just one or two weeks before us and they had only one day with no rain. So we really lucked out. The only thing is that this is the day we were scheduled to do the zipline. Yes, that's right the zipline. We all sorta have a thing about heights and we're not kids anymore, but we decided that we should do it while we can.

This is an old boat that was on the shore near the port and it was a great photo op.
From the cannery we took a bus ride to the top of the mountain for the zipline. It was foggy and rainy and cold. Not the kind of day that makes you want to zip down a mountain at 60 mph for over a mile, but we paid $99 so we went. At the top of the hill were bear tracks. It was a bit uncomfortable when they unloaded us from the bus and then we had to hike about a quarter mile more through the fog and rain. I kept thinking about those bear tracks.

This is the top of the zipline. As you can see it was rainy and foggy and cold. They did have a tarp roof over a campfire for us as we waited our turn. A friend loaned me a down jacket before we left and boy was I grateful to have it. Thanks Brian.

The ride was so fun that when I got to the bottom I wanted to go again. Of course I would have to pay another $99 and then take another 45 minute ride to the top of the mountain so I didn't do it, but if I ever have a chance I will do it again. The building below is near the end of the line and we in stopped there to warm up and have a taste of reindeer chili. I took this blurry picture of something jumping out of the water while we sat in there. I have since learned a bit more about my camera and I believe that next time I will get better pictures.

Here are a few pictures from the ship that show the zipline. In the first one you can see the deck were we started and in the fourth one you can see the area where we stopped. Then there is one of the whole mountain. A cloud is covering the starting deck. (Click a picture to see a larger view.)

Back inside the ship we stopped at the Seaview Cafe for lunch. They had great hot dogs (Nathan's) yum!

We loved it in Hoonah. The people are great and the zipline was fun even though it rained on us. The rain didn't spoil any of the fun!