Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day Trippin'

Today was a fun day. We took the truck to Corona to get a larger gas tank and decided to make a day of it. I drove the truck and Ray took the motorcycle. We dropped off the truck and took the bike to Tom's Farms for breakfast. Then we roamed the shops and bought some specialty mustard.
Blue made a friend.
We took the long way back to Corona, past Lake Matthews. Then he took me to Stars & Scraps, a quilt shop that I knew about from the quilt shows. I was looking for some Indigo fabric, which they didn't have, but I found a couple of things anyway.

Here's something I've been wanting to show. A friend of mine, Kathy, has been crocheting tote bags from plastic grocery bags. Her bags look so great that I had to try to make some too. The blue and white bag is Kathy's. The large white one is my first attempt, the small white bag with the colored stripes is my second attempt. I have to admit I am hooked. Now I'm making one in red and white from Target bags. I plan to line it with Coca-Cola fabric.

Did I mention that I like being retired? Like Ray says, "Everyday is Saturday!"


Sunday, June 14, 2009

About Blue

Blue had an accident (actually I dropped him) and his tail is broken. Being concerned that the glass could cut someone a replacement was ordered from Terra Studios (terrastudios.com) where I am sure he was made back in 1995 by Ron Ray.

Well, the new Blue who was made by Leonard in 2009 is a bit larger than our original, but I think he should be fine. If they can change Lassie and the husband on "Bewitched" then changing Blue should be OK too.

Speaking of "Bewitched", back in 1984 Elizabeth Montgomery was in a TV Movie called "Second Sight: A Love Story." Ray worked on that movie too. But when he gave her a ride on his motorcycle the producer had a fit.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm retired!

Well it's offical, I am retired. Ray had been retired since April 30th, but my last day was yesterday. I will not miss the long hours, but I will miss my boss and co-workers. The good part is that I can visit whenever I want. Plus they gave me a nice gift card to make sure I go back.

So today after breakfast (Ray is making me a really nice big breakfast) we will get our to-do list going. We have lots to do before our first trip.

And as soon as I get a chance I must tell what happened to Blue.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Girls

We had a fun week when Julie and the girls, Skyler and Shea, came for a visit. We always love to see the grandkids. They live in Orlando, but their daddy works for Southwest so they can come visit Grandma and Papa a lot for free.

I had to show you Shea's sweet smile.
We went to get our nails done as we always do when we girls get together. Tina did Skylers blue with white dots and clear giltter on top of that. Plus flowers on her big toes.
Of course Blue loves the color.

Julie got to see her grandpa when met Dad and Daisy for lunch at Hodels. The girls just love Daisy. Skyler always had and now Shea does too. Blue too.

Kathy and Jerry's daughter Adrianne is back in the country for a couple of weeks and she had a chance to meet blue. She is thrilled.

All of us, on both sides of the counrty, are sick now. We must have found a bug and passed it around.
Only 9 more days until Sherry retires. Woohoo!