Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bridgeport Texas

Well, the laptop didn't die - I think it just overheated. So I'll try to catch up a bit while trying not to over do it for the computer.

Last Friday we made it to Bridgeport Texas to visit Ray's cousin Debbie and her husband Jerry. Cousin Johnny and his wife Joann were there too. Ray's brother Mike flew out for the get together and a few others dropped by on Saturday.

Here's their house.

This is the view out front.

The guys went fishing in their pond.

Barn swallows build a nest in the corner of their patio.

I went for a walk and got this pic of one of the many butterflies.

Here's the guys.

Here's the girls.

Now it's Tuesday; we're in Branson and we're staying here a few days. More updates later.


  1. Beautiful country, Sherry! I know this will sound silly, but it works. Buy yourself a little desktop fan and let it blow directly toward the bottom of your computer. I have to do this when I watch videos or else my computer shuts itself off with no warning.

    1. Yes, it happened because we watched a tv show on it (we didn't get cable at one of the RV places). And yes it just shut itself off. We have a DVD/video player that we should use if we have to watch something and not use this laptop that's been a whole lot of trouble from the beginning.