Friday, October 30, 2009


Continuing the recap of our Alaska cruise. I know it's taking me a while to get it posted, but I will get it all up sooner or later.

Our next stop was Skagway. We took a bus ride up to White Pass and across the border into Canada. We had a great tour guide named Paul who made the trip really fun.

This first picture shows the first snow fall of the new season. You can see the light sprinkling on the right side on the back mountain. (Don't forget that you can click any picture to get a larger/closer view.)

The next picture is Karnack Glacier. It seems quite small compared to the glaciers we saw later on the trip (pictures coming later).

Notice this small, one-sided bridge that was built across an earthquake fault.
At the Alaska-Canada border there was this wonderful "Welcome to Alaska" sign and a small green with white lettering sign that said, "Entering Canada". So of course the Alaska one was the photo op even though we were going into Canada. The second picture was taken to the right side of the sign looking down into Alaska.

These were taken in Canada. Notice that people like to make the rock stacks. I think one of these rock figures was a mascot or something for the Olympics.

Downtown Skagway. See the cruise ships in the back at the end of the street.

This building is covered with driftwood.

Ducks by the ship. I thought they were Puffins, but my brother Mike (the bird-brain) told me they are something else, but I don't remember the name.

Leaving Skagway. When we found out that our tour guide and his wife drive from Monterey to Alaska each summer I had to ask about the roads. He was so nice and gave us his email and told us to email him so that he could give us all the good info we need to take the fifth-wheel up there. We're thinking of going in a couple of years.
This last one is leaving Skagway up the inland passage.

Next is Icy Strait Point (Hoonah). That was the only rainy day of the trip, but it was one of the best. In a word - Zipline!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


As our ship was going into Juneau there was this lone guy moving right along. We couldn't figure out where he came from because he was heading toward the town, but there wasn't anything the way he came from. The next two are the city of Juneau in the morning fog.

This wall art was on a city building. I took it from a taxi window so there is a sticker on the street.

We went up the Mount Roberts Tramway. As you can see the fog lifted.
Here's a good one of the tram.
Here's an example of their artwork. They have costumes made like this too. I talked to a young guy in one of the costumes because I wanted to see if it was really buttons. It is those pearly shell buttons. He was very proud of his costume and wanted to add even more buttons as soon as he could. The black and red are a very heavy felt fabric.

They take cigarette butts very seriously. Good for them, litter is litter and they need to keep that beautiful area beautiful.

Leaving Juneau up the inland passage. Next Skagway!

We had another great day and were awed by the beauty of Alaska!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm gonna post info about our Alaska Cruise in segments. I have that new camera and I kinda got carried away. I deleted lots of pictures and still ended up with over 600. (I know.) Anyway, we had a great time and I had fun taking pictures of everything! I wanted to remember it all.
Also, the weather was great - it only rained one day. Before we left I checked the 10 day forecast for each port and it showed rain all but one day. Needless, to say we were all happy and the ship's captain tried to take credit for the sunshine.

I'm starting with Ketchikan because it was our first port. We did fly to Vancouver and got on the ship there, but I really don't have anything good to say about the area of Vancouver we were in so I won't.
Going into Ketchikan we saw this sea plane and Ray thought it was pretty cool so I took a picture of it.
I heard (read) about the Alaska Fish House online and had to check it out - esp. the fish & chips and the bread pudding. They were yummy! However, it was not at all what I expected. It really is a fish house - whatever that is. I mean they had all kinds of fishing gear in all sizes, I guess they do charters.

Here's a couple of pictures of the city of Ketchikan. Look at those mountains! We didn't do any tours or trips at this port we just wandered around and shopped.

Then next pictures are of Creek Street. It's buildings and a walkway next to/over a creek. Back in the gold rush days is was the red light district, but today it's all about shopping. Check out the salmon in the creek.
This picture was taken from our balcony just before we sailed away. We had fun here and the weather was in the low 60s. Not bad!
I'll post more later, but I can't promise when because there are so many things I need to get done before my "grand" jury duty in November.