Monday, April 30, 2012

Leaving Arkansas

Yesterday was a fun day visiting with my brother and sister-in-law in Arkansas. In the morning we found this moth in their patio. Marty had been telling me about this unusual moth and then we found this one. Love the color. At the top it looks like tan/rusty leaves.
We had a late breaskfast, then went out on the lake (it's huge) in their friend's boat. It was a great day and the water and sky were beautiful. The lakes here are so big that you probably couldn't see the whole thing in a day.
Later we had dinner on their balcony patio while listening to the birds surrounded by the country quiet.

Isn't it beautiful? Sorry, I forgot what it's called.

This is Bear, Papa Joe's dog. He likes the lake.

Marty and Papa Joe

Penny and Ray

This guy was on the edge of the lake.

I love this ledge with the stairs from the house to the lake.
Well, it would be to the lake if the lake was at it's normal level.

Here's where we had dinner - very peaceful.

This is the view toward the lake, but there are too many trees to see it.
They said that in the winter the leaves are gone and you can see it.

We tried to walk out to get a look at it, but this is as far as we got.
It's ok, we already saw it from the boat.

We left this morning and are staying the night just west of Memphis. Tomorrow we head to Nashville for a few days.
Oh, and I found a great place to look for 'cowgirl' boots, they had lots and lots but they didn't have what I wanted. Maybe Nashville will.

Penny:  If you're reading this - Happy Birthday!!
Also check out facebook cuz there are more birthday wishes there for you. (Some even a day early.)
Thanks for such a fun time!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Got to Arkansas on Friday and had fun checking out Marty & Penny's place. They have ten acres that they've been working on since they moved here 15 months ago. They also redid the whole kitchen and living room area. Of course, Penny would have a great kitchen and it is great. So pretty and new.

It's so peaceful and quiet here and you can hear birds at all hours of the day or night.

Their house

Their barn


The driveway to the road; cute with solar lights.

Ray went with Marty to the firestation and Penny took me to town to check out the quilt shops and a few other things like the David's Trail.

Nice trails here

This trail has an eagle's nest

The eagle was in a different tree.

We went to this place for dinner. See the little cardinal?

Here he is again.

The view at dinner of the White River.

Saw peacocks and deer and lots more stuff, but that's all for now. Today we're going out on the lake in a friend's boat so I'm sure I'll take more pictures.

Tomorrow we head to Tennessee. 


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Branson and Tornado Damage

We got in Branson on Tuesday evening and walked along Branson Landing. At least that's what they call it; it's more like a mall by the river. We ate dinner at the Fish House which was actually on the river.

Wednesday we went to old downtown Branson and did some shopping in the "flea markets' and at Dick's 5 & 10 - that place has everything. We checked out a few other places around town then came back the the KOA to cool out before going to a show called SIX; it's an accapella group. But when we tried to leave the truck wouldn't start. So we ended up staying in and watched TV.

This morning AAA came and towed the truck to the dealer and it was there most of the day. So we did laundry (so exciting - not).  Tonight we went to dinner and thought maybe we'd try for the show again. But the dinner was not that great and the little bit of entertainment there was so so and we just decided to come back to the camp.

We can say "been there" but I think maybe Branson is not our thing. (But it's been relaxing)

The tornado that hit this place last month really left it's mark. It's interesting how some places weren't touched and others were destroyed. Some of the buildings have already been hauled away and the lot is empty.

This motel was damaged and most of the windows are gone.

Someone wrote - declared 'not a disaster area' - on this strip mall.

This sign was mangled.

Tomorrow we leave here and head south and east into Arkansas to visit my brother and sister-in-law. They retired there a couple of years ago and we haven't seen their place yet.

Tonight the sky is pretty; it's because the weather is changing.

It's supposed to rain again soon, but it's been hot while we've been here. I don't mind the rain, I just don't want a tornado or hail or any other strange kind of weather.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back on The Mother Road

We left Denton Texas and headed north to Oklahoma. Our goal was to catch up to Route 66 again and then take it a ways before heading off to Branson.  We landed for the evening in Claremore staying at Will Rogers Downs. It's a hourse racing place, a casino and a KOA. It was fine for one night and I even got this sunset over the casino. Ray liked watching the guys put the horses thru their practice paces in the morning.

We took the Historic Route 66. Pretty, but kinda boring.

Mickey Mantle grew up here.

Then over into Kansas for about 12 miles.

This was the Kansas information place for Route 66. Cute inside too.

In Galena Kansas 4 women restored this place. It was closed - Ugh!

But Tow Tater was there.
He's the inspiration for Tow Mater in the movie Cars.

We followed The Mother Road until just past Joplin Missouri, then got back on the freeway and headed to Branson.

We checked out Branson today and did a bit of shopping. There is lots of evidence of the damage done by the tornadoes last month - it's sad. Tonight we are heading out to a show. There are so many that it's hard to chose.

The weather is great, hot even, but I'm loving not being cold. Plus it looks like there are still storms in the forecast.

The Dentons in Denton

While in Texas we had to check out the town of Denton. It was a bit larger than we expected; probably because of the colleges. We had a little trouble getting the RV settled because the first place we decided to go was actually a mobile home park. Ugh! But we finally got settled, then headed out for lunch. We looked up a place that had good burgers and 'fried pies'. We'd heard of 'fried pies' and thought - when in Texas... 
Well, once was enough with the fried pie idea. They're nothing different than the pies you get at MacDonalds or Burger King (or at least at the place we had them).

While in Denton we thought it would be fun to find some shirts that have Denton on them so we headed to Denton Square.

Here's the Denton County Court Building, or it used to be. Now I think it's a museum, but we were there on Sunday so it was closed. 

We already ate so we didn't eat here, but it looked fun.

The old Opera House is now a music and book store. They did have shirts, mugs, stickers and book marks. It was a fun place that I would go back to if I lived here.

This donut place was closed, but it looks fun.

This place has local music (not on a Sunday afternoon), but they did have shirts.

Mostly we found shirts at places that sold food or at pubs, and at Denton County Harley. We left Denton Texas with a few nice souvenirs.

We didn't get in Dallas or Fort Worth. Just not enough time for everything (which means we'll have to do another trip later). This part of Texas was nice; beats Hwy 10 anyday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bridgeport Texas

Well, the laptop didn't die - I think it just overheated. So I'll try to catch up a bit while trying not to over do it for the computer.

Last Friday we made it to Bridgeport Texas to visit Ray's cousin Debbie and her husband Jerry. Cousin Johnny and his wife Joann were there too. Ray's brother Mike flew out for the get together and a few others dropped by on Saturday.

Here's their house.

This is the view out front.

The guys went fishing in their pond.

Barn swallows build a nest in the corner of their patio.

I went for a walk and got this pic of one of the many butterflies.

Here's the guys.

Here's the girls.

Now it's Tuesday; we're in Branson and we're staying here a few days. More updates later.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh No!

I think my laptop died! I'm not sure when I'll be able to post more pictures from our trip, but hopefully I can get it fixed or find a good sale. We had a great time at Debbie's house. She and Jerry have such a nice place; we fell in love with it. Johnny and Joann were there and Mike too. Plus a few others stopped by to say hi. We all had such a nice visit and ate lots lots of good food.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Route 66 & Quanah

Yesterday we left Albuquerque New Mexico and headed east. Checking out Route 66 stuff on the way. In Tucumcari we stopped to see the Blue Swallow Motel (Bluebird wanted to check it out). When we got there the door to the lobby was locked, but just then a lady was driving out the driveway and she stopped to let us in to look at the fun stuff in the shop. I got a t-shirt.

It looks great, almost like the old days.

James Dean sitting on the car.

See the garages.

The inside of each of them were painted.

I like the neon swallow; I bet it looks great at night. 

Then on to Texas

On to the Cadillac Ranch. The guy who did this meant it as art. Looking at it made me think of the petroglyphs we've been looking at lately. This is kinda like a modern petroglyphs. Especially with things like: a peace sign, a heart, a date, etc.

From the street, right off the freeway.

 Crazy paint

Too bad I didn't get this up last night.
There were a couple of birthdays yesterday.

Ray carved our code (143 = I love you) It's from the days of pagers.
Kinda like those petroglyphs, only those involved know what they mean.

Check out this boot billboard. Fun.

Saw this old picture after dinner (before all the paint).

Later we had a steak dinner at the Big Texan Steak Ranch. It was really easy because they have a limo that will pick you up. Luckily we are feeling better and the steak was yummy.

The place for steak in Amarillo

Here's the limo. (I didn't say it was a new one.)

This morning we took the 5th-wheel to the RV shop so they could replace a part that helps the slides go in and out, then headed out of town.

Clouds rolling in

My father-in-law's name was Quanah (and his nick name was Red). He was named after Quanah Parker the Commanche chief. We decided to check out this Texas town.

Quanah Texas


This museum was closed

I had to take a picture of this old Coke sign painted on this empty building. I have a thing for Coke stuff.

We made it to Wichita Falls, Texas. It's supposed to rain tonight, but hasn't yet. Maybe it will be like rain in California - it will rain while we sleep.

Tomorrow Bridgeport - Debbie's house!