Thursday, April 26, 2012

Branson and Tornado Damage

We got in Branson on Tuesday evening and walked along Branson Landing. At least that's what they call it; it's more like a mall by the river. We ate dinner at the Fish House which was actually on the river.

Wednesday we went to old downtown Branson and did some shopping in the "flea markets' and at Dick's 5 & 10 - that place has everything. We checked out a few other places around town then came back the the KOA to cool out before going to a show called SIX; it's an accapella group. But when we tried to leave the truck wouldn't start. So we ended up staying in and watched TV.

This morning AAA came and towed the truck to the dealer and it was there most of the day. So we did laundry (so exciting - not).  Tonight we went to dinner and thought maybe we'd try for the show again. But the dinner was not that great and the little bit of entertainment there was so so and we just decided to come back to the camp.

We can say "been there" but I think maybe Branson is not our thing. (But it's been relaxing)

The tornado that hit this place last month really left it's mark. It's interesting how some places weren't touched and others were destroyed. Some of the buildings have already been hauled away and the lot is empty.

This motel was damaged and most of the windows are gone.

Someone wrote - declared 'not a disaster area' - on this strip mall.

This sign was mangled.

Tomorrow we leave here and head south and east into Arkansas to visit my brother and sister-in-law. They retired there a couple of years ago and we haven't seen their place yet.

Tonight the sky is pretty; it's because the weather is changing.

It's supposed to rain again soon, but it's been hot while we've been here. I don't mind the rain, I just don't want a tornado or hail or any other strange kind of weather.

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