Thursday, April 19, 2012

Route 66 & Quanah

Yesterday we left Albuquerque New Mexico and headed east. Checking out Route 66 stuff on the way. In Tucumcari we stopped to see the Blue Swallow Motel (Bluebird wanted to check it out). When we got there the door to the lobby was locked, but just then a lady was driving out the driveway and she stopped to let us in to look at the fun stuff in the shop. I got a t-shirt.

It looks great, almost like the old days.

James Dean sitting on the car.

See the garages.

The inside of each of them were painted.

I like the neon swallow; I bet it looks great at night. 

Then on to Texas

On to the Cadillac Ranch. The guy who did this meant it as art. Looking at it made me think of the petroglyphs we've been looking at lately. This is kinda like a modern petroglyphs. Especially with things like: a peace sign, a heart, a date, etc.

From the street, right off the freeway.

 Crazy paint

Too bad I didn't get this up last night.
There were a couple of birthdays yesterday.

Ray carved our code (143 = I love you) It's from the days of pagers.
Kinda like those petroglyphs, only those involved know what they mean.

Check out this boot billboard. Fun.

Saw this old picture after dinner (before all the paint).

Later we had a steak dinner at the Big Texan Steak Ranch. It was really easy because they have a limo that will pick you up. Luckily we are feeling better and the steak was yummy.

The place for steak in Amarillo

Here's the limo. (I didn't say it was a new one.)

This morning we took the 5th-wheel to the RV shop so they could replace a part that helps the slides go in and out, then headed out of town.

Clouds rolling in

My father-in-law's name was Quanah (and his nick name was Red). He was named after Quanah Parker the Commanche chief. We decided to check out this Texas town.

Quanah Texas


This museum was closed

I had to take a picture of this old Coke sign painted on this empty building. I have a thing for Coke stuff.

We made it to Wichita Falls, Texas. It's supposed to rain tonight, but hasn't yet. Maybe it will be like rain in California - it will rain while we sleep.

Tomorrow Bridgeport - Debbie's house!

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