Monday, April 9, 2012

Owls, Petroglyphs and Family

We wanted to go to the lake one more time before our big trip. When Marcy said she not only had Easter off but the day before, we made a plan. The twins also came up for Easter so we had a nice group.

Of course, Ray and I went up days earlier and had a great time hiking around. We almost did the whole Whiskey Flat Trail again with Judy, but she couldn't fit it in (she's still working for a few more months). So we plan to do it again in the fall.

We had a great time and on the way out of the valley we passed by the owl nest one more time and were rewarded. Even though they were the last thing, I had to show them first.

See the baby looking out at the world - so cute!

Here's a close-up

On Thursday we hiked part of the Whiskey Flat Trail again - it doesn't get boring.Then on Friday Mike and Cathy showed us a new (to us) hike.

Isn't the river beautiful?

Saturday we took Marcy and Oscar out and about: around to see the owls and to town for some of the local flavor - lunch at Shady Lane. Plus the swap meets and Manny's.

Then on Easter day we all met on the rocks to check out the petroglyphs. I'm not sure what they mean, but they have been checked by those in the know and really are very very old.

Can you see the dotted stripes across this rock with figures in between and the figures in the dark spot on the right?
(I think this rock kinda looks like a frog.)

 Here's a close up

This is what's in a hole in that rock.

The twins in the hole.

Lots of marks on this rock

 This one looks like an alien

This one has more marks in the white part, but the sun wasn't in the right place to see them.

I'm not sure if this is one, but it kinda looks like it.  

We climbed and climbed looking for more.

Oscar crawled under this rock looking for more.

He found this one - Good job!

What a beautiful Day!

We had a great time! 

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