Saturday, April 14, 2012

On The Road - Finally!

So after being sick all week, we decided we are well enough to travel (maybe only sorta well enough, but we're off anyway). Plus we have a week to make it to Texas and we don't want to have to rush. So we're on the road again!

The rain is over, but the clouds were out. What great views!

This first picture is a sign we saw right after getting on Hwy 40. It says 2,554 miles to Wilmington, North Carolina. This highway goes all the way across the country and we will be in North Carolina in June for Annie's wedding so it's a fitting first photo of this trip.

Snow in our mountains - and it looks like it's still snowing.

Cajon Pass 

Love the rocks too. 

Clouds! There were so many.

We're spending the night at the KOA Avi Resort (near Laughlin). So cheap! We walked to the casino for dinner, but still can't eat too much. It reminds us that we're not quite over this "traveler's bug" and I hope we never get it again, but it isn't gonna stop us from traveling.

Hey Mike, lots of greckles and red winged black birds here. Sorry I didn't get a picture, maybe in the morning. (Ray was expecting the whole wing to be red, so he had trouble with my name for them.)

Tomorrow we head east. I understand it's snowing in Flagstaff so I'm a bit concerned about driving through there, but I'm hoping that by the time we get there the sky and the road are clear.



  1. have a great time and be safe.

  2. Beautiful pics.....have a safe and fun trip!

  3. Thanks! Looks like you had a great trip too.