Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun Weekend, but Summer's over!

This weekend we went to the lake - something we always love. The original plan was to buy an insert for the fireplace and to take the boat out on the water, espcially since it just came back from the shop. We did get the insert, or at least ordered it to be installed next month. It was an odd thing to buy on a day that was 99 degrees, but they had a good deal going and you know how that goes. We never got the boat out on the water because the weather threatened rain and lightening everyday. Actually there wasn't much rain, but there was enough lightening to start several fires in the area. We noticed evidence of one after leaving the canyon on our way home. The hills were black down to the back of the orange groves along the road.

Here's a picture I took Friday night when we walked in Riverside Park at sunset. The sunset was beautiful and the temperature was perfect.

Another thing we did on our way home was to go to Fort Tejon State Historic Park. We pass it all the time and have never been there. We heard that it is one of the state parks that will be closed due to budget cuts and decided that we should check it out while we have the chance.

This fort was in a great tree-lined meadow in the 1800s,
but today you see the freeway from the porch of the Captain's house.
It's the building in the back.
The barracks is the original building,
with a little restoration.
 Inside the barracks you can see what it was like for the soldiers.
No beds, just these rolled mattresses.
 I loved this handmade sewing kit.
And of course I noticed the quilts,
but I'm not sure the patterns fit the timeline of 1854-1864.

 We've decided that we should look at that list of state parks closures and see if there are any other parks we can visit before they close (like Palomar), especially if they are close enough for a day trip. Maybe even take the Harley!

The weekend is over! Summer is over!
Tomorrow it's time to get back on track with my weight loss. I've (we've) put on a few pounds this summer - I wanted to lose more, not gain it back! So, summer's over and no more messing around. 

More pictures of the cruise still to come and after that I should be finished going through the pictures from New York and New England. It was such a great trip and there are quite a few I want to share. I think I've learned my lesson about not waiting so long to get through the photos that I take. It becomes such a chore when it piles up.


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