Monday, September 26, 2011

One Year!

Well, a year ago today I went to a Weight Watcher meeting...and the rest is history!

I lost 40 pounds this last year (even if I did gain a few back over the summer, but they're on their way out). It's the best thing I ever did for me and for Ray too. He lost 80! And it reversed some of his heart issues. With eating right and walking (& the gym) we're in so much better shape than last year. We've also gone for some fun hikes that we couldn't do before and we were able to save a bit on public transportation in New York and Boston this summer.

At today's meeting we were discussing motivation: what brought us into Weight Watchers in the first place and what keeps us on track.
I just know that last year I had no energy and I didn't fit into clothes. I was too out of shape to go for a walk of any length and I was eating more and enjoying it less.
Now, I go for the walk even if I don't feel like it beause I know I'll be fine once I get going and that it is one of the best things I can do for me. Plus being aware of what I eat and keeping track of it helps me eat less (or at least smarter) and enjoy it more. (We do love to eat!)

Oh, and I started feeling so good I also fired changed my doctor this year. What a difference that has been. I have a really good doctor now and I'm finally getting good health care. That's a good feeling!

So thanks Betty for inviting me to a WW meeting and if anyone needs a little push to get healthy, consider this a push. Go get that check-up that you've been putting off, make a few healthier choices this week and get moving. If you want any information or suggestions just let me know. You don't need Weight Watchers - there's lots of free stuff out there to help you keep track of your food and activities.

Below is a sort of before and after. I don't like to have my picture taken, but I can see that I should take a few more so I can see the progress for myself.

May 2010
At a family get together.
I thought by turning sideways I'd look slimmer.

 May 2011
Taken by our friend Els.
Check out the baggy pants.
Oh yeah, Ray finally trimmed his beard.

Here's another one Els took at a quilt guild meeting
of me trying not to be self-conscious.
I finally got new (smaller) pants.

This is a lifestyle change and with that in mind I'm not stopping any time soon!


  1. Congratulations! I'm so happy for both of you!! My 1 year at WW was July... I just keep trudging along!

  2. You guys inspire! Congratulations, you both look fabulous!