Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crumbs Anyone?

OK, so I know I really don't need something else to do, but this looks fun! And who has more scraps than I do??

Jo Kramer is hosting a Crumb Along and it sounds like fun and something that won't take lots of thought or measuring while Southern California is finally getting some hot weather! That's right, I had to turn on the a/c yesterday and can't wait to turn it on today too. (I'm waiting for Ray to get up, but if he doesn't get up soon he'll probably be awakened by the a/c kicking in.)

Look at this fun quilt she made!

Below is one of the Maverick Star blocks I made on the cruise. I made three in all and I think they (plus many more that I still want to make) will go great in a Crumbs Quilt.

There were just so many scraps overflowing the tables on the quilt cruise that Bonnie gave us a tutorial for these fun little blocks. Regan from Floating on a Quilted Cloud and I couldn't help ourselves, we started making these as soon as our top was together and I grabbed a few more scraps to make more now that I'm home (like I needed to bring home any scraps - but hey, they were different than my scraps at home).

If you want to make some of these fun little blocks here's the link to Bonnie's Maverick Stars Tutorial. I must warn you - they're addictive. But what a fun thing to do with your leftovers!

If anyone decides to do the blocks or the Crumb Along, let me know and show me pictures of what you do. I have some patriotic crumb blocks that I need to get out and put into a quilt. Maybe now is the time to do that too.

Plus I really should get the cruise quilt together and quilted!
Plus I have a few things that I need to get done for my friendship group!
Plus a quilt class that I take is starting again next week!

A quilters work is never done! Fun!
More later,

PS: More Crumbs here from Bonnie's site: Crumbs, Crumbs, Crumbs


  1. Have fun with this! Your stars will have the perfect place to shine!