Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crusin' Day 1

Our first day out we stopped at Nassau in the Bahamas. The water is so blue here - very beautiful!
There were lots of tourists in town, because there were so many ships in port, all looking for treasures. We shopped around, but didn't really buy anything (I know - what's that all about!). I did like the Starbucks - it was really cool in there and it smelled great. Yes, I got an iced coffee.

This is our ship the Carnival Dream.
My first time on Carnival.

 Love that blue water! (Bluebird likes it too!)
 There are so many ships here that it's hard to count them.
I think it was six; there's a smaller one in there.

It was so soon in the trip that we didn't plan any shore excursion. I supposed we missed some good stuff, but it was just too soon to think of it all. We walked around the town and saw some of what  Hurricane Irene left in her wake. It was hot and very humid; especially to us from the West Coast.
Senior Frog's was closed for repairs and there was a sort of swap meet place that was wrecked.

I'm having a hard time downloading more pictures right now. (I still don't have the hang of it on this blogspot site.) I guess I'll just post more later.

It was a great trip and a good time was had by all!

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