Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crusin' On

Continuing on with photos of Nassau, the first port, and then on to the second port, St. Thomas. 
The day in between was a sewing day and we all got started on our 'Mai-Tais in Paradise' quilt. (No Marcy it doesn't look like a MaiTai - it's a scrap quilt, but you gotta admit it's a fun name.) I won't be posting any pictures of it because we don't ruin the fun for the November cruise that will be making the same quilt, but I'm sure I'll post a picture later on (maybe even finished).

It was so beautiful and calm and  good to have nice weather after Hurricane Irene. And even though it was very humid - we lucked out!

Here's the lighthouse in Nassau.
Everything is so blue here.

 The view from our window at dinner.

Grace is dancing with our waiter Kissy.
There were many nights that we danced around the dinning room. Fun!

 Here is Bonnie's Hexagon Quilt in progress.
The one I'm making is very different, but just as fun.

 Our ship. I took this while shopping on St. Thomas Virgin Island.

 The bay at St. Thomas.

From the boat that took us to St. John Island - the pirate cruise.

This bird flew in front of the boat looking for fish, would dive for them and then get back in front looking for more. 

I think I want this house.
Check out the steps and ladder into the ocean.

St. John's National Park 
I took the tour of the park and Grace went snorkeling in Trunk Bay.

I don't remember the names of these bays, but I want to share them.

We stopped here to check out the water.
We also got a few misquito bites from where we parked in the jungle.
 Yes, I did get in the water - kinda.

Check out this cool piece of coral Sue found.
It looks like an elephant.

Further into the jungle Kevin, our guide, shows us a termite nest.
He also passed around a can of Off so we could fend off the misquitos. 

Views from the boat ride back.

I love nature and I really love our National Parks. This one was "our" park because it was the US Virgin Islands. I spent the day in paradise, took lots and lots of pictures, managed to only have one misquito bite that welted up and didn't get sunburned.
I call that a great day.

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