Saturday, June 16, 2012


This has been a week of physical activity and it's not done yet. And my allergies are still giving me grief.

After two months on the road there's lots of work to be done unloading the 5th wheel and getting it cleaned out. Plus we were sick the week before we left and the condition of our house isn't good.

But before I get to my belated spring cleaning and vacation clean up - our good friends of over 25 years are moving to Washington and we've been helping them get on the road with all their belongings. (Yes, the same friends who just planned a daughters wedding.) It's both physical and emotional to move that far after that long in the house their kids grew up in. Lots of memories.

It's so beautiful at their house in Washington. They've been 'living' there every summer for a while now and we've been visiting them every summer since we retired. And we're going again next month.

Everything's a bit messy so no pictures of what we've been doing, but here's a photo from last year's trip to Washington. Yes, this is their view.

Next week: the Denton Family Reunion. (Ray's dad's side.)
Two weeks: the Wise Family Reunion. (My mom's side.)

Never a dull moment!

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