Saturday, June 9, 2012

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

This morning we left Kansas City, Missouri, then proceeded to drive, over 400 miles, across the entire state of Kansas. At first, on the east side, it was hilly with trees. Very pretty, but very windy. By the time we made it to west side of the state it was very flat, and the wind was still blowing. There were gusts to 35 mph. and it topped out at 95 degrees. We're in the east side of Colorado now and it's very much like the west side of Kansas.
I was born in Wichita, Kansas, but didn't live there very long. When I was a teenager we went back. We visited a family that lived on a farm near there and what I remember is that it was flat with hills in the distance. A sort of combination of both sides of the upper part of the state.

What else would there be in Kansas?
No Dorothy, we didn't go there.

Here's an idea of how strong the wind was.

Several trees are growing with a lean to the north.
It was a cross wind and there were a couple of people who went off the road.

Kansas, on the west side.

Tomorrow Denver. There's nothing happening at the Red Rocks so we're going to check out downtown. Of course, that's after I visit the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden.

Then we're heading straight home. Ray's running out of his meds; there was a mix up and he needs to get it straightened out.
Plus, we need to rest before we head toward the Sacramento Delta for a family reunion.

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  1. What a perfect place for those giant windmills!