Thursday, June 14, 2012


What started out to be a two day trip home ended up being a long one day trip. We left Gallup, New Mexico thinking that we would get across Arizona and then only have a few hours the next day to get home. Well, somewhere in the middle of the day we decided to just go for it and go home. It probably had something to do with gaining another hour at the California/Arizona border. It was another long day and I have to admit that those long days of just sitting in the truck have taken their toll on my body - it really does hurt to just sit all day - but by the end of two months it was good to get home.

This area is so much different from the other side of the country where they get so much rain (even though they complain if they go a few days without it). This part of the country knows about drought. And I think it's beautiful! Again I took most of the pictures from the cab of the truck as we were driving, but I think you get the idea. 

Did you know that there are tour buses full of Europeans and Asians that go along Route 66 and stop at all the little places? A lady in a small Kansas town told us that she went into a local cafe on the route to get a glass of iced tea and there was a tour bus and only one woman working. She asked her if she needed help and was told that another bus just called, they were on their way. She said that she stayed a couple hours to help get everyone served. Gotta love small towns.

One more state


In the Flagstaff area the scene changes and there are lots of pine trees.
So different from the south where there are lots of kinds of trees.

More pines.

Seligman, Arisona and the famous Snow Cap - from the old days of Route 66.
We enjoyed our lunch stop in this cute vintage town.

We loved this sight - no wind!

Homeward bound.

So barren compared to what we've seen, but home!

Sunset while we were on the freeway; almost home.
Last day, last shot of our Spring 2012 trip!

We had a great time, saw lots of family and friends, had some fun experiences AND as our friend Grace pointed out - we got along and neither one of us hopped a bus home!

Yes, we get along. And next month we will celebrate our 31st anniversary.

Now to unpack the trailer and get ready for a couple of family reunions. Can't wait to see you all!

Then a trip to Washington. Our friends Kathy and Jerry are moving there in a couple of days. Sad to see them go, but we'll be up there for a visit soon.

Then - who knows!

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  1. Glad you made it home safely, and together! lol Beautiful shots of the SW.....we always enjoyed our trips through there when we lived in San Diego.