Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Five States

Yes, we traveled through five states today. From about the middle of Virginia to Louisville, Kentucky. We decided to head home and on the way check out the places at the top of our list. Ray's choice is Louisville and mine is Denver. So this morning we decided we would try to make it all the way to Ray's choice.

Most of the day looked like this.
At the beginning it rained a bit and at the end less clouds.

Leaving Virginia, entering West Virginia.
(Virginia - check. West Virginia - check.)

We stopped for lunch on the tollway and saw this nest in the burger sign.

 The capital building at Charleston, West Virginia.

This is the bridge over the Ohio River.
It looks like it's holding up the cloud.

Welcome to Ohio.
We crossed the river for a few miles cuz we've never been in Ohio.
(Ohio - check.) 

Then into Kentucky.
(Kentucky - check.)

 The clouds put on a show.

Lots of farms.

We're staying across the Ohio River in Indiana.
(Indiana - check.)

We checked into the KOA and then went to dinner.
Here is the view from the dinning patio.

After dinner went to the Falls of the Ohio State Park on the river.

 This area is a fossil bed; lots of stuff to see here.

It was 9:00 and the sun was setting.
Ray loved it that it sets so late here.

Tomorrow Louisville.

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