Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baseball Bats, Horse Races and an Antique Mall

The weather today was perfect - warm, but not humid. Our first stop was the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum. We took a tour of the factory to see how bats are made and even watched them make a bat for Derek Jeter. Then checked out the museum and gift shop. This giant bat is at the front of the building and notice the ball that looks like it broke a window on the next building.

This glove is made from a 450 million year old limestone.
It's 12 feet by 9 feet and 4 feet high.

Babe Ruth's bat. Note the notches that make the label look like a sun.
He made a notch for every home run.

Then off to Churchill Downs. We've never been to a horse race and had to basically read the instructions in the program. Our first try to make a bet was too late (that horse came in 4th). So we made two bets, one for each of the next two races. It was a $2 bet to show, which means it should come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd to win anything. We just picked names we liked.

This horse is Point Four.

This is him winning the race. The white post is the finish line.
It was exciting; he started out very slow then worked his way to the front.

This is Wildcat Nation. We picked him because our 5th-wheel is a Wildcat.
When they were walking him before the race you could see that he was anxious to run.

Here he is winning. His feet aren't on the ground.

Don't worry, we won't be gambling away our life savings. We made a whole $3.70! But it was exciting to watch, especially when the horses we picked won.

Then we went back across the Ohio River to check out an Antique Mall in New Albany, Indiana. (We're staying at a KOA in Clarksville, Indiana just across the river from Louisville.) Yes, I have been looking for that fantastic buy on an old quilt. I am realistic about the whole idea though because I don't really expect to find one. But I can still have fun looking at them.

I like this fan quilt.

I think this one was made by the same person.
I would love to take them both home, but I can't justify the cost.
(Note the error in the upper right block.)

The orange lovers out there will love this one.
I would never put pink cornerstones with that orange (but I know someone who would).
Sorry I couldn't show more of it, but it's got character.

This one is a "cutter" quilt with lots of holes from wear and scissors.

I like this pillow with velvet.

I did look at other things and so did Ray, but I only took pictures of quilts. I'm funny like that.

Down the street I saw this place and thought of my cousins - the Fink's.

Then on the way to dinner I saw a guy wearing their shirt.

We had a great day and then had dinner at another place by the river. The place last night was better all around.

Tomorrow we head west (home) and expect to be on the road for most of the day. 

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