Saturday, June 9, 2012

On The Road Binding Quilts

Yesterday we drove and drove, from Louisville to Oak Grove (east of Kansas City, Missouri). Today we're on the road again; on our way to Denver. We probably won't make it but we'll get somewhere close. Heading west we need to stop a bit earlier, because the sun is in our eyes.
No stopping  for sight-seeing or shopping for souvenirs. But I did finish the binding on another quilt. That makes five so far this trip. I brought seven quilts that need the binding sewn down and I've finished five. I have one week to do the last two, and they're kinda big so I better get with it.

This one is called Logs because it has all the log cabin blocks.
Lyn Brown designed it. Check out her blog at 

Here's Mai Tai's in Paradise, from the Quilt Cruise.
Designed by Bonnie Hunter.
Mine is totally scrappy, but check out Reagan's cruise quilt here:
She gave lots of thought to her colors and border.

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  1. Love your Logs quilt! Those pineapple blocks make it sizzle! Nice! And've finished Mai Tai's in Paradise! Awesome! I still haven't made a back for mine, but you've give me the little kick in the butt I needed! Thanks!