Sunday, January 30, 2011

Working on my Batik Jane

I've been working on finishing this "Dear Jane" quilt. It's made with Batik (& hand dyed) fabrics and several white-on-white fabrics for the background. With a couple of exceptions the fabrics for these blocks and the finished quilt top have been from fabrics I already have.
This is a goal of mine for 2011 - to use what I already have and to only purchase those fabrics that are really 'special' or if I need a fabric to finish something

These blocks were made throughout 2010, inspired by a class that I take at the 'Muck' (The Muckenthaler Cultural Center - and you think your last name is bad) taught by Lyn Brown.
This year she will be doing this technique in her class and online at her website. It's called 'Bridges' and it's a technique for machine applique. You can follow her and get the patterns for the Bridges Quilt at: 
This year they are 8" blocks and blocks 1 & 2 are already up. Be sure to go back to the beginning instructions to understand how to do this.

Here's a picture of the original quilt made by Jane Stickle in 1863. These blocks are 4" and done by hand. My Batik quilt blocks are 6" an done by machine.

In this class we had a fabric exchange of Civil War reproduction fabrics to use to make this quilt. But I'm already making a copy of the original quilt that was made in 1863 in the reproduction fabrics and in the 4" size (I know, I must be crazy) so I decided that I needed to make it with something different. That's when I got the idea to use Batik fabrics. I'm loving how it turned out.

I'll post pictures when I'm done!

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