Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3rd

Well, I lost all but .2 pounds of the weight I gained Christmas week. Yeah! I'm down 21 pounds!

Yesterday I quilted Twin #2 with a fun variegated thread of yellow, orange & brown. No fancy design just in the ditch. For me these quilts are about the pattern not the quilting and they are pretty small so for now they are just for me to look at.

There are lots of quilts I want to make and if I made them all full size I would never be able to finish them - so I'm goning to make them smaller.

Here's another design that I am thinking of, only with bigger pieces. I have a cute bird fabric, a matching tree fabric and a couple of others that will look cute with this idea. Maybe not so wonky, maybe straight pieces. But I only bought small pieces of the fabric so it won't be too big, but it should be fun.
Here's a picture of the fabrics. The bird one reminds me of a fabric by Valorie Wells.

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  1. Wowie-zowie, 21-pounds! Some how it's managed to find its way here and add even more to already plump self. Seriously, though, that's fabulous, way to go!!