Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home from Road to California

Well, I had a wonderful time. The show was really nice this year and there were lots of people there - maybe even more than last year. But I'm glad to be home; mostly because I really love my own bed and my easy chair.

Later I'll post some of my findings and purchases from the show. I was sad that Lori's Little Quilt Hangers didn't have a booth because I was ready to buy a couple more quilt hangers. They really are wonderful.

Here's my (green) blocks from the 'Blue Ridge Beauty' class up on the design wall. There are a few more pictures of them in other layouts up on Bonnie's blog, plus some in other colors. Fun!

We had so much fun in her classes. I only took one, but my friend Kay took three and we sat in on each others classes. I know it's not really allowed, but Kay is 88 years old so I sat in and sewed for her yesterday to give her a break. Our other friend Helen and her granddaughter Trish are in today's class. Trish also took the Blue Ridge Beauty class with me.
(Makes me think ahead - maybe Skyler &/or Shea will want to go with me someday.)

The good thing about these classes is that we did all our fabric shopping at home. It's all from our 'stash' and they have about 100 different fabrics in them (maybe more).

It was so nice to meet Bonnie in person, but it's like we already know each other. She will be back out here next January and will give a lecture & workshop at my quilt guild. (A trip to M & L will be scheduled.) Plus she is the teacher hosting the Quilting Cruise that I will be going on at the end of August. I also have a room mate for that cruise - her name is Gail Yawn and I know we'll have a great time even though I just met her. Quilters are the greatest!

Also, I took Bonnie for her first In 'n Out burger. We had it 'Animal Style'. That was Thursday; then I took her for her second one on Saturday. She can't get that in North Carolina!

More later!

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  1. Ooh, I'm jealous! I'd love to go to M&L again!!