Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Preparing for "Road to California"

I know the new year has been here a few days now, but I just realized that the big quilt show, Road to California is next week. I am only taking one class this year. It is taught by Bonnie Hunter, the queen of using up scraps of fabric.
This is the quilt we will be making, but mine will be in greens. I'm making it for our guest room at the lake - the one we call the green room.

Did I mention that I am quoted on the back of her new book?

Click Here to read it:

So today I will be going through my greens and cutting strips. 2" strips for the little 4-patches and 3.5" strips for the half-square triangles.

The Twins will have to wait!


  1. does this mean that if I buy this book you will sign it for me?

  2. You bet, but you should get it from Bonnie so she can sign it too.

  3. Have fun, can't wait for pictures! I'm standing in line for a signature, too!