Thursday, May 17, 2012


Savannah was our next stop.

The first night we ate at a place in Richman Hill called Love's. It's a local seafood place and their special was "Low Country Boil". It was an all-you-can eat dinner with shrimp, potatoes, corn and sausage. It was delicious and so fun to eat local shrimp.
While eating dinner we sat near a window and wouldn't you know it an alligator swam by.

When we got to Savannah we started using the free bus for tourists, but it wasn't very good so we just got out and walked. After all, "Savannah is a walking city". It really is because it's a small city, at least the touristy part is.
It's a very beautiful city with all the mossy trees and old buildings; squares and parks with statues. 

This statue is in Madison Square.

Another Square, I forget the name.

A church, sorta, through the trees.

Some of the local rodiron.

Forsyth Fountain.

We walked along River Street; did a little shopping and checked out the river and more statues; listened to street musicians - fun stuff like that. Then we ate a late lunch at The Lady and Sons - Paula Dean's restuarant. The food was very good. We split a meatloaf sandwich and an asparagus sandwich; both were yummy. We asked the waitress about what we should see, but when we had already seen everything she suggested we decided to check out Tybee Island about 20 minutes away.

Here's The Tybee Lighthouse.

The beach.

Coming back we stopped to check out the shrimp boats.
Check out the booby (bird) in front of this lighthouse.

We had a great day! Next stop Charleston.

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  1. what a lovely town, wish I were there.