Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nascar: A Little History

We've been in town a few days now and have learned a few things about NASCAR or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

Nascar has it's roots in prohitibion. Yes, back in those days moonshiners were driving their stuff through the Appalachian mountains and the police were trying to stop them. To keep from getting caught they modified their cars so they could go faster than the police cars. Even after prohibition the revenuers would try to catch them so they could collect taxes.

Well those guys with the fast cars started racing each other. And then they got together in Daytona Beach to see who had the fastest car and the best driver. Then they got organized and they're still trying to have the fastest car and the best driver.

I found this early Daytona picture - he's flying.

We're looking forward to going to the race this weekend. We usually DVR races and watch them a little quicker than real time so it will be a long day/night. I googled 'how long is the Coca-Cola 600?' and found out it's between 4 and 5 hours. Since it starts after 6pm it looks like us old folks will be out late. The weather man says it will be 89 on Sunday so it's a good thing it starts closer to dusk. But we're going much earlier to check out all the stuff in the parking lot and across the street. So we got SPF100 sunblock for the day.

We are looking forward to the race and because it's Memorial Weekend it will be very patriotic. We even bought shirts with American flags to wear. We also found out you can take in food and drink, so we're trying to decide what we might want to carry in or if we just want to wait in line for everything (and pay whatever they charge). Maybe water, oranges and granola bars like we do for hikes. Our tickets are in the no smoking/no drinking area so the air should be fresh (except all those sweaty bodies) and the spectators should behave (hopefully).

Today's activities: we're not sure yet. We slept in and are getting a late start.

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