Tuesday, May 22, 2012

North Carolina, Nascar, Etc.

We left Myrtle Beach yesterday and came to Charlotte North Carolina planning to hang out in the area for about a week. There are several things we want to see or do while here so we found a KOA and settled in .        

This is a wheat field on the road to Charlotte.

When I was five years old we lived in Mooresville, it's north of Charlotte. My dad was the preacher at this church. Ray and I stopped by to check it out. I have a few memories of life there and it is interesting to see how it changed. We were walking around taking pictures and the current pastor came our and gave us a tour inside. The place has been remodeled and it is beautiful.

I think we lived in this house that is down the street from the church.
My brothers are older so they will have to verify this.
It looks like it hasn't changed much in 50+ years.

On the way in town I checked out the Charlotte Motor Speedway website and found out that the Coca-Cola 600 is this coming Sunday. Well, we had to see if we could get tickets. And we did!

The whole town is ready for the race.

The tickets!

With tickets to Sunday's race we also get to go, on Friday, to a cook-out, live music, a chance to walk around the track, plus see some drivers and cars. Bonus!

After getting the race tickets we checked out where we should park. A local told us about a good place down the road because it can take hours to get out of there. She said they were not all out of the parking lots last week until 4am. We are preparing for a long, long day/night.

Then we went downtown to the Nascar Hall of Fame. It's interactive and fun. I even learned a few things. Now I'll know what they mean when they say the car is 'tight' or 'loose' - it has to do with the shock tension balance on the wheels.

Check out the crosswalk.


Gotta go, a storm is rolling in.

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