Thursday, May 3, 2012


We've had a great time here in Nashville. We got here Tuesday afternoon and it was hot and muggy so we didn't really do much except make a salad for dinner.

Wednesday we headed downtown Nashville (I didn't take my camera with) and went to the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum. They had something they call Wednesday Cookin' Out Country which was a buffet lunch and music. The singer we saw was Jim Lauderdale, he won an award in 2002 for songwriting and he's a very good singer.
The Hall of FameMuseum was really good and there is a special exibit of California Country in Bakersfield with lots of stuff about Hank and Merle. It was interesting to see how they played into country music in the west.

After the museum we walked down to Broadway (aka NashVegas) to check out the local flavor. We heard the places there all had live music. We checked them all out and even checked out the boot places (still looking for those red cowgirl boots) and went back to the place that sounded the best from the sidewalk - Honky Tonk Central.  We stayed for a couple hours snacking and listening to great music.

Today we had to do a bit of laundry in the morning then we decided to check out Antique Archaeology - you know the place owned by those guys on American Picker. The place was small and very expensive. My cousin in Iowa said the same thing about their shop there. However, there was a place next door with great coffee and snacks.

We checked out a neighborhood that had really nice houses. They were huge and beautiful, but we're not looking to move.

Tonight we went to The Bluebird Cafe.
Several famous people have gotten their start here, one is Taylor Swift. We heard 8 singer/songwriters, a couple may be famous one day. You can see a few of them sitting in the middle of the room. Yes, it really is this small. They said it seats 100, but without a reservation we were sitting at a barstool on the side of the room. I think we had the best view in the place and great service from Martha; if you go there tell her we said "Hi". 

We're leaving Nashville tomorrow, but we've had a great time and really do want to come back again. Maybe fly in for a few days.

Our next stop is near the Great Smoky Mountains. We need to do a bit of hiking to wear off some of the extra pounds we've found along the way.

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