Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Nice (Short) Visit With the Kids

The girls had fun times with Papa checking out his plane.
Who knows, someday they may fly the plane too.
They love spending the day with Papa. He loved it too!
I have some other pictures but I'll have to add them later.

Julie, Keith and the girls were only here for a few days and they had lots of plans with other family and friends. However, since they stayed with us we got to see quite a bit of them. Keith was on vacation and it was a nice treat to have them all here. Plus we had a fun evening when Marcy and Oscar came over - and uncle Mike too. Everyone was together which was nice because that doesn't happen too often these days.

They just left this morning and we miss them already!

A few weeks ago Ray and I went to the lake house for a few days. I took pictures and I'm finally getting some posted. It did snow, but mostly just a sprinkling the mountains which didn't seem to put a damper on the Whiskey Flats celebrations.

We had a great time and are planning to go back again real soon!

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  1. When it warms up we've got to get my mom excited about going to visit at the lake house!! I think we're all due for a vacation around here. And, of course, we love seeing you all!!