Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's been a busy week. It seems like there was something to do every day and it took all day to do. I thought Sunday would be a down day for me and I even slept in, but then friends called and asked if we wanted to go for a hike around Puddingstone - so my lazy day was gone.

Of course I want to go for the hike, I'm trying to lose weight. By the way I hit the 30 pound mark yesterday! Yeah for me!!

We have plans to go to the lake, however the weather may change our plans. It's supposed to rain and some weather reports show that it will snow for about 4 days. That is not our first choice - so we need to decide how brave we are. And if we want to get snowed in. We do have a few appointments to get back to.

Will let you know later how that works out.

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