Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Police/Celebrity Golf Tournament

I just got back from helping at the golf tournament. This year it was at Donald Trump's golf course in Rancho Palos Verdes - what a beautiful place! The weather was great and the tournament a success. It's for the LAPD Memorial Foundation that helps the families of fallen officers. There were lots of celebrities, corporate sponsors and people from the community who want to thank the cops for all they do, plus those coming to see the celebrities.

The highlight of my day was meeting Neal McDonough. You've probably seen him in lots of things and lately in desperate housewives. I met his beautiful wife, Ruve, last year and she was so sweet and so is he. They are both wonderful people and great friends of LAPD. This picture doesn't do his blue eyes justice. Isn't she beautiful, she used to be a model.
Oh, wait there is one more highlight of my day yesterday. We're going to Costa Rica! More on that later, tomorrow I need to go to Salinas to see how my aunt is doing so I have to get packed.

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