Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th

So much for getting some pictures in here, after 5 tries only one downloaded. Here's a picture of Skyler at the Reunion. I hope to get more input when we get out of the mountains. The internet goes in and out here.

Today we did the Shasta Caverns tour. It was a good tour and we enjoyed it even though there were hundreds of very steep steps involved. It sure made us realize that we aren't kids anymore, but we managed and are feeling quite good about ourselves for it. On the way back to the highway we saw a deer. We stopped to take a picture, but it stuck its head in a bush to eat something. When I called out "Hey Bambi" it looked up at us. Ray said that no one would believe it, but it's true. Then we went to see the dam and later stopped by a place called Basshole where Ray bought a hat. It's a local dive.

So for the 4th we are here with no TV (yes and Ray is surviving) and no fireworks, however there are some stars and a beautiful full moon.

Happy 4th!

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