Thursday, March 4, 2010

Moss Park

We had a fun day at Moss Park celebrating Shea's birthday. She loved it and all her presents too, but she also found a log and a pine cone that she thought were special. She carried them around most of the day. So cute!
A fun day was had by all. Even though two sandhill cranes decided to crash the party. They were looking for food. Of course, Skyler loves to chase birds, something she got from her mom. Julie & Marcy loved to chase birds when they were little, but in California there are usually just seagulls and pigeons. I had to tell Skyler not to chase birds that are bigger than she is; so her daddy chased them away from our lunch.

Then back to watch the HBO movie Temple Grandin with Clare Danes - it's a great movie that I highly recommend.

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