Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trying to out run the snow

We had a great day at San Antonio yesterday. We checked out the Alamo. I didn't read any of the history of the place because I did research for a report at college so I felt that I already knew about the place. I was still glad to be able to see it in person. Then we took a boat ride on the river under San Antonio, also known as the River Walk. It wasreally interesting to see what the city made when they were trying to figure out a way to stop the river from flooding the city. It was a big project, but it's very interesting.

This morning we woke up and got out of San Antonio ASAP because it was supposed to snow in the afternoon. We drove for 7 hours stopping very little mostly because it was really cold. We are now in Lafayette, LA were they are saying it might snow tonight, but just a little bit.

Tomorrow we check out New Orleans.

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