Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Year New Trip

Sorry haven't been blogging - but then we haven't done much traveling.

However, last week we did go for a few days to Palm Springs with our friends Kathy & Jerry. Here is a picture of the mountains near us that was taken from the 57 Fwy looking north. I think the cloud sorta makes it look like a volcano.

We had a fun relaxing trip. We hadn't been in the 5th-wheel for several months so Ray & Jerry work out some little issues before we go for a long trip. We walked around the RV place, even played minature golf on their little course, and played table games or talked in the evening. On Saturday we walked around Palm Springs and had a nice dinner. On the way home we stopped by Hadley's and picked up some nuts and dried fruits and stuff like that. I love that place.

Soon we will be headed to Florida to celebrate Julie's birthday!

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