Sunday, October 18, 2009


As our ship was going into Juneau there was this lone guy moving right along. We couldn't figure out where he came from because he was heading toward the town, but there wasn't anything the way he came from. The next two are the city of Juneau in the morning fog.

This wall art was on a city building. I took it from a taxi window so there is a sticker on the street.

We went up the Mount Roberts Tramway. As you can see the fog lifted.
Here's a good one of the tram.
Here's an example of their artwork. They have costumes made like this too. I talked to a young guy in one of the costumes because I wanted to see if it was really buttons. It is those pearly shell buttons. He was very proud of his costume and wanted to add even more buttons as soon as he could. The black and red are a very heavy felt fabric.

They take cigarette butts very seriously. Good for them, litter is litter and they need to keep that beautiful area beautiful.

Leaving Juneau up the inland passage. Next Skagway!

We had another great day and were awed by the beauty of Alaska!

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