Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some pictures - finally!

I'm finally getting some pictures from our trip posted here; I hope you enjoy them. This first group is from Sisters, Oregon and Sunriver which is below Bend.

We went to Sisters the day before the big Outdoor Quilt Show. The first picture was taken just a few blocks from the main street of the city. Imagine living this close to the forest.
The purple quilt was hanging in front of one of the antique shops in town.
The Stitchin' Post is the local quilt shop. Kathy and I bought a few things here including some yarn. I got back into knitting on this trip.
I have to admit that we didn't go back on the day of the show. There was a fire in the local mountains and getting out of town the night before helped us decide that we had seen (and spent) enough.

One of our favorite places in town was the Sisters Coffee Company. A nice place with good coffee. The bear is not real, but is one of the quilts that was hanging inside. I love this buliding, it looks like a log cabin on the inside, complete with fireplace. I think I could live there.

I had to get a picture of this cute little trailer we saw when we drove around the town of Sisters. I wonder who lives here. I'm guessing a little old lady quilter.

On the way back to Bend, where we stayed, we saw deers relaxing in someone's backyard. We city folk were really impressed.

With Jerry and Kathy we drove down to Sunriver. We took a hike and here are a few of the pictures I took from that trail.

Because is was our anniversary, they took us to a very nice dinner at a great place (I forgot the name) that Jerry had been to in the past. The food was great (sorry Marcy, I didn't take any pictures of the food) and while we were sitting waiting for our food looking over a small lake this mamma duck and her ducklings came swimming by. It was just like the book "Make Way for Ducklings".

I hope you enjoyed this first group, sorry it took so long. They are from the first of 5 disks of pictures. I picked these from over 100 that I took with my new camera. I admit that I got a bit carried away and have decided to spare you all lots of barns and other odd things.
More later,

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