Saturday, October 20, 2012

"A Quilters Odyssey"

Last weekend was the Los Angeles County Quilters Guild bi-annual quilt show - "A Quilters Odyssey". I've been a member of this guild since 1993 and it's been lots of fun. It's a daytime guild and an older group. They think of me as one of the young ones which is kinda fun. I guess everything is relative, but it's fun to be one of the younger ones.
We hang the quilts in our show 'differently' than any other guild's show I have attended. This way you can show lots of quilts in a small space and it's not boring.
This time we used another guilds racks and there were some problems with the sheets, but it ended up being a nice show. Attendance was down, but we did OK.
There's lots of pictures, but I tried to include everything (except those that were too blury).
Also, I can't find my program so I don't remember who made what for most of these.
I have the book for this quilt. It's one of those 'maybe in the future' quilts.

The Batik Jane quilt in the middle is mine.
It's machine appliqued 6" blocks (and it's done!).
It's the Bridges Method by Lyn Brown.

This Wedding Ring quilt is nicer close-up - it's hand quilted.

One of the friendship groups did row quilts.
Here's two versions. And there's several more below.

 The quilt on the rack is a Bonnie Hunter pattern, Star Struck.
It was made by my friend Kay.
The quilt on the left is another Lyn Brown pattern.

In the corner is Bonnie Hunter's Texas Braid, made by Kay.
Yes, Kay may be 90, but she gets them done.
I made a turquoise version of this quilt. It's a bit smaller.

This one won Best of Show (as judged by attendees).
It's hand appliqued and hand quilted. Beautiful!
The quilt on the rack is mine. It's Logs! A Lyn Brown pattern.
Lately I've been making scrap quilts by shopping my stash.

My friend Kay made the quilt hanging on the left.

 On the rack is my version of the one Kay made above.
Our friendship group made these at a weekend retreat.

I'm making this quilt. I'm making it slowly.


I wish I had a better picture of the quilt on the right.

This California girl loves Poppies! I wish this way my quilt.

It took me a while, but there they are!


  1. WOW! That was quite a show! And I love how the quilts are displayed! Your guild has been REALLY BUSY, I can't believe how many different quilts there were!

    1. My 90 year old friend Kay had 11 quilts (or wallhangings) in this show.

  2. All that talent, wowie-zowie! I'm beyond impressed you can make a quilt in a weekend retreat. I always imagine quilt-making as a life-long project, but you quilters have it down pat, don't you?!

    1. The top was mostly done at the retreat, but note how small it is.