Sunday, June 14, 2009

About Blue

Blue had an accident (actually I dropped him) and his tail is broken. Being concerned that the glass could cut someone a replacement was ordered from Terra Studios ( where I am sure he was made back in 1995 by Ron Ray.

Well, the new Blue who was made by Leonard in 2009 is a bit larger than our original, but I think he should be fine. If they can change Lassie and the husband on "Bewitched" then changing Blue should be OK too.

Speaking of "Bewitched", back in 1984 Elizabeth Montgomery was in a TV Movie called "Second Sight: A Love Story." Ray worked on that movie too. But when he gave her a ride on his motorcycle the producer had a fit.


  1. I'm sure Blue II will pick up right where Blue left off. They are pretty smart, ya know.